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    What are kairomones and pheromones ?

    Kairomone is from the Greek, meaning  “opportune moment”

     Kairomones are odors  emitted by an organism and detected by another of a different species that gains an advantage from this, e.g., a parasite seeking a host.  Humans emit a kairomone when breathing.  The carbon dioxide that's expelled attracts mosquitoes.  It benefits the receiver and harms the emitter.

    Pheromones are a secreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. (Deer doe in heat scent or bitch dog  in heat pheromones, attracting males of that species, are examples.)

    In The Dr. Juice Kairomone Fish Scent,  we have included powerful kairomones that research has shown is a dominant odor that attracts numerous water creatures.

    Why do ocean fishermen “follow the birds”?  The sea birds follow the kairomone odor to the bait fish schools, leading the fishermen there. Minnows, larval forms of fish, and zooplankton eating algae, release DMS and it’s proposed to cause climate cooling, as well as attracting all species that want to eat the prey that are feeding on the phytoplankton. We are the predator that wants to catch those fish and it's why it's named the  New Dr Juice Kairomone Fish  Scent, the only one of it’s kind.