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    Dr. Juice’s Tips for Fishing Currents

    Dr. Juice’s Tips for Fishing Currents

    Fall is a great time to fish lakes and streams with rapid currents. Depending on the area you fish, certain species of fish- like Steelhead, Trout, Bass, and Salmon starting spawning late in the summer until mid fall. What exactly are fish doing as they prepare to spawn? They are looking to reproduce and they navigate by following odors.

    If you’re looking to catch these fish as they travel, there are some key tips to keep in mind.

    Where to Fish

    When fishing a river - especially with a  fast moving current - don’t fish at the headwaters end (toward the source) of the river. When you fish with scented bait at the head of a river, the scent travels through the current and stimulates the fish further down the river. You’ll end up helping other fishermen further along the river! Instead, fish down river at the tailout. Look for the “V” shape below the run or pool of a river.

    This same idea holds true when fishing on lakes. Large lakes such as Lake Superior have prevailing currents that are different in the summer versus the winter. Fish down current from the crowds. Otherwise, you’ll end up exciting the fish and sending them to the next person in line.

    What to Use

    Of course, you’ll want to use the right scent. Start with Dr. Juice’s Super Concentrated  Trout & Salmon Scent or any of our five species-specific scents, depending on your fishing location. Eggs are great for fishing this time of year because they not only hold scent, they have an attractive scent of their own! Yarn is another great option, especially when fishing for Steelheads; these fish are notorious for feeling the bite, and yarn will stick to their teeth. It also is best at holding a scent.

    Using the Right Methods

    When trolling, it’s important to move at the right speed and in the right direction with the current. Speed and depth can be determined using a few different methods. There are a ton of different systems and expensive gadgets you buy to help. You can use a protractor and a bit of math to determine depth and speed. You can also keep a sharp eye on the bubbles as your downrigger wire goes down. When the bubbles do down about 8-10 inches under water then resurface, you’re at about the right speed.

    Another tip you can use when fishing a  current is to add some scent upriver from the fish. Apply your Dr. Juice scent directly to the water. This will stimulate fish miles down the river.

    For even more tips on fishing, subscribe to Dr. Juice USA on Youtube to view new episodes of JuiceTV.

    View our full episode on fishing a current here:


    The language of deer is made of odors.  Threats of danger are sent through the woods on the wind.  And light breezes deliver messages of desire.

    Gregory Bambenek, M.D. (better known as Dr. Juice) has grown up in the woods studying how deer communicate through smell.  And now, after spending the last 6 years in a lab filled with every odor known to deer, he’s made a remarkable breakthrough.   He’s perfected 2 deer scents that break the language barrier between the hunter and the deer.

    How Dr. Juice Cover Scent makes deer feel at home.

    Dr. Juice Cover Scent is not just another cover scent that makes you smell like a pile of dirt.  Dr. Juice Cover scent not only masks your human scent, but blends your human scent into the landscape making you disappear like camo clothing does for sight.  Using a cover scent like dirt or skunk, are strong odors that may mask your human scent, but are not natural odors that are in the woods on a normal basis.  Skunk’s only spray when they are endangered, and dirt smell only exists when the leave covering is disturbed.  

    Stop using seemingly natural odors, that are actually telling deer that you are in the woods.  Start using Dr. Juice Cover Scent and blend into the woods, making yourself disappear. 


    How Dr. Juice Deer Attractant begs deer to "come".

     Many of today’s attractants work well only at the peak of the rut because they’re doe-in-heat sex scents.  Dr. Juice Deer Attractant, on the other hand, is a deer magnet all season.  Because only our scent uses the tarsal glands of deer from other countries around the world.This foreign tarsal scent smells odd and uncommon to native deer, triggering a much stronger investigative response.  Bucks approach to drive out the foreign invader and does approach curiously.

    Trust your instincts. Stock Dr. Juice Scents:  Dr. Juice Cover Scent and Dr. Juice Deer Attractant are not only unique, they are tried and tested.  If you want to bag more deer, Dr. Juice has the scents to bring them in.

    Record-Breaking Catches Using Dr. Juice Fish Scents

    Dr. Juice fishing scents use pheromones to attract bigger fish to your lure. Although we maintain that these scents will work well for even the most novice fisherman, our line of scents have been known to catch a few monsters. Take a look at some record-breaking fish caught with Dr. Juice fish scents:

    Ken O’Brien: World Record All Tackle Muskie - 65lbs.

    “I think it was the fear pheromones of Dr. Juice. He’d seen plenty of lures in his lifetime, he was big and lazy and passed up all kinds of lures, but when he smelled the Dr. Juice on the lure, he couldn’t resist, even if the lure was only 4 inches long.”

    Curt Bilby: Utah State Record Lake Trout - 51lbs. 8oz.

    “Flaming Gorge Reservoir has large trout. My state record trout could have been over 60 years old. It had escaped a lot of fishermen over the years but didn’t escape me after I put the Dr. Juice Trout and Salmon scent on my lure. I don’t go without it.”

    Mark Martin: World Champion Walleye

    “Dr. Juice played a very big part in my World Walleye Championship win, it gave me the edge that I needed, everybody was using the same bait, the same snell lengths that I was but nobody was putting a drop of Dr. Juice on their live bait.”

    John Hendrickson: Minnesota State Record King Salmon

    “I started throwing out a few rapalas and using natural spawn and the fish weren’t feeding. I put the Dr. Juice on and POW, this salmon just hammered this lure, it just didn’t hit it , it hammered it. It had to be the sex pheromones in the product to make it hit that hard. These fish are up the river to spawn, not to feed. It was incredible.”


    It’s a common idea that fishermen tend to lie about how big their catch really was, but you won’t have to anymore. Remember to take pictures, though. Even though you’re telling the truth, results like these are hard to believe! Check out our full line of fish scent products at drjuiceusa.com.