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    Slow Pitch Jigging and How to increase your catch using Dr Juice

    Slow Pitch Jigging

    Slow Pitch Jigging is a hot new technique for deep lake and ocean fishing.It uses very productive, special jigs but you can’t put bait on them.  At 100’ to 600’ it will impair the drop and action.  It’s an ideal method for using Dr Juice Shrimp Scent or Kairomone Scent. 

    A fews drops add the scent and taste without hurting jig action.  Here’s a coney from 165’ on pink and blue 80gm slow pitch jig. 


    Slow Pitch Jigs range from 60 to 300 gm or more.  They shoot to 150 to 900 feet quickly. Any bait would slow the drop extremely.  You're targeting fish in low light.  Like fishing in muddy or stained water, fish scent becomes very important.

      20 to 60 lb braid is usual and multi-color line helps relay depth.             Rods are light action with a parabolic curve.   Reels have an extended handle for fine tuning of the "slow pitch"    Of course you can use your usual rod and reel instead.                                                                        

    Fishermen find tuna biting near the surface at daybreak, then they disappear.   The experienced fishers find they have descended to eat small shrimp off the bottom in 200-500 feet during midday.  They are targeted by slow pitch jigging.  

    Check out slow pitch jigging and Dr Juice Shrimp Scent yourself