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    Record-Breaking Catches Using Dr. Juice Fish Scents

    Dr. Juice fishing scents use pheromones to attract bigger fish to your lure. Although we maintain that these scents will work well for even the most novice fisherman, our line of scents have been known to catch a few monsters. Take a look at some record-breaking fish caught with Dr. Juice fish scents:

    Ken O’Brien: World Record All Tackle Muskie - 65lbs.

    “I think it was the fear pheromones of Dr. Juice. He’d seen plenty of lures in his lifetime, he was big and lazy and passed up all kinds of lures, but when he smelled the Dr. Juice on the lure, he couldn’t resist, even if the lure was only 4 inches long.”

    Curt Bilby: Utah State Record Lake Trout - 51lbs. 8oz.

    “Flaming Gorge Reservoir has large trout. My state record trout could have been over 60 years old. It had escaped a lot of fishermen over the years but didn’t escape me after I put the Dr. Juice Trout and Salmon scent on my lure. I don’t go without it.”

    Mark Martin: World Champion Walleye

    “Dr. Juice played a very big part in my World Walleye Championship win, it gave me the edge that I needed, everybody was using the same bait, the same snell lengths that I was but nobody was putting a drop of Dr. Juice on their live bait.”

    John Hendrickson: Minnesota State Record King Salmon

    “I started throwing out a few rapalas and using natural spawn and the fish weren’t feeding. I put the Dr. Juice on and POW, this salmon just hammered this lure, it just didn’t hit it , it hammered it. It had to be the sex pheromones in the product to make it hit that hard. These fish are up the river to spawn, not to feed. It was incredible.”


    It’s a common idea that fishermen tend to lie about how big their catch really was, but you won’t have to anymore. Remember to take pictures, though. Even though you’re telling the truth, results like these are hard to believe! Check out our full line of fish scent products at drjuiceusa.com.